Passion for Protection

About me

angela davidson

Sales Performance Consultant

Who am I?

I’m an energetic, motivated and passionate person who has always had a true
conviction in the importance of protection. Conviction, I am very thankful
to say, that has not come from personal tragedy but from my absolute belief
that protection is the fundamental backbone of financial resilience.

In my 33 years in financial services, especially those years advising and
in business development, I have amassed first-hand experience, industry
knowledge and expertise in the art that is “talking protection”. Skills that
I am dedicated to passing on through the coaching and training of advisers
who want to do the very best for their clients.

What Can I do for you?

Protection is seen as the cornerstone of financial planning and yet, it’s not always an easy subject to discuss. So often advisers say they want to do more to address the needs of their clients; but there are many barriers to writing the business levels they want. 

My forte is in working with your business to enhance skills and knowledge, and to finesse protection conversations to create great outcomes for you and your clients.

Angela Davidson

My passion for protection

Passion for Protection was borne of my ambition to do what I love every day; to inspire, enthuse and empower advisers to “talk protection” and to embed this into their advice journey for every client. My time of being a lead generator, adviser, and as a business development manager, has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge that I use – alongside my training in NLP – to bring about growth for your business. 

It’s often the most marginal of gains that make the most difference; streamlining processes, enhancing soft skills and coaching all instil a further confidence to the advice process that result in improved penetration rates and persistency. The best result of all, more clients get the protection they need.

Ready to get started?


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